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The Good Grammar Guide - Richard Palmer [pdf]

Posted by doducluyen On 7:29 PM

The Good Grammar Guide
By: Richard Palmer

The Good Grammar Guide

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The Good Grammar Guide offers extensive coverage of Parts of Speech, Syntax, Inflection and Punctuation, along with a detailed look at common errors and misconceptions. Regular exercises are included, as is a baleful survey of Political Correct usage, whose desire to sanitize and control the way we speak is injurious to grammar, language itself and indeed the way we live now.
In keeping with its governing premise -
Grammar serves language: it has done and it always will do. It has never been, nor should ever be, the other way round.
The aim throughout this book is to reassure and entertain as well as instruct. Indeed, although this handy volume may not be the most comprehensive guide available, it has a strong claim to be considered the most amusing, and as such it is guaranteed to banish boredom and fear.
Though entirely discrete, The Good Grammar Guide can additionally be read as a companion to the author's Write in Style, 2nd edition, also published in Routledge's Study Guides series.

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